“Beyond forms, functions, styles/appearance, objects have meaning, they have a soul” , Brigitte Fitoussi.

According to the Design theory, an object is previously defined by its functionality. Thus, “forms follow function” (Louis Sullivan, the father of functionalist movement). However, remaining connected to people’s life and to those who shares it, objects exist through their customs. Day after day, they become witnesses of human’s everyday life and “objects of memory, with which we maintain an emotional relation [...] these objects are not intended to finish in the garbage dump of the anonymous utilitarian objects, but they are for us like companions” (Raymond Guidot, design Carrefour des Arts, ed. Flammarion, Paris, 2003)

Though the concept of an affective object, I rose a reflexion about how I could introduce emotions via materials and creation in mass produced items to create a link between the product and its user.

Material and Pattern research

Final project

A collection of patterns for digital printing onto ceramic tiles